WordPress is now one of the most popular and widespread content management platforms. It first started as a general blogging platform for the public, which had soon developed into the level of a sophisticated content management system. Now, there are millions of websites on internet which are powered by WordPress.

As the popularity of WordPress is increasing, the hackers are also largely interested in exploring the possibilities for hacking WordPress sites and there are many malwares focusing the WordPress sites. Being a leading provider, WordPress pushes many updates and patches to counteract these vulnerabilities. However, sometimes, the hackers also may succeed in outsmarting the WordPress security patches and take access of the whole server.

On a study conducted over three months time, the ethical hackers found about three vulnerabilities which could pave way to massive hacking of WordPress sites. There are a lot of examples too in which even a single vulnerable plug-in may lead to hacking an entire website and then hacking the web servers which host multiple websites.

In this article, we will discuss about the top choices of WordPress security plugins to use for the protection of your WP sites. These plugins offer various features to make your WordPress site secure from malwares and other threats. All these plugins keep their features updated for optimum security and also keep a track of the latest threats.

Top performing WordPress malware removal plugins


MalCare security plugin is an impressive option with many cleaning features coming packed with it. The plugin can lean up a hacked site also and also help protect it from any future security threats. MalCare was carefully developed by analyzing over 240,000 WordPress website and the possible threats. The developers of this malware had used collective intelligence in order to offer an advanced layered protection to the WP sites.


WordFence is another top-most option in WordPress plugin for security. It is the favorite of many WordPress website users across the globe and now crossed about two million installs. WordFence puts for a full suite of security features in order to prevent many security risks and possibility of any attacks. It also provides a very powerful malware scanner for WordPress websites to identify even the latest threats. It can scan all the other WordPress plugins, themes, content, and also the core files.

Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall

This is another highly popular malware protection plug-in for WordPress, which is designed to safeguard the WP users from various messy malware situations. Unlike many other plugins which just identify the threats and give suggestions, Anti-malware security and Brute-Force firewall can detect the malware and confirm it automatically. It just asks for your inputs to those which are potentially malware but not fully confirmed where you have the choice to keep or delete the identified ones.

Sucuri Security

This is another highly functional plugin for cleaning up malwares. The plugin offers highly featured cleaning and scanning tools. It can also help you to get rid of malicious codes from harming your site. There are more than 400K installs for Sucuri, which also has the record of helping the most number of WordPress sites secure and clean.

Some other great options in terms of WordPress malware protection include, but not limited to CleanTalk Security and Malware Scan, Quttera Web Malware Scanner etc.

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