Frequent asked Question (FAQ)

Fix Malware is a platform that finds solutions especially to WordPress and Opencart users. As you can see from its name, Fix Malware consists of an expert team that cleans malicious software that infects websites.

Malware (Malware) is a general term used to denote various forms of hostile or intrusive software. Includes virus, backdoor, rootkits, adware, spam and many other types.

We have 9 years of experience with WordPress and Opencart software. During this time, we have installed and secured hundreds of websites. We especially work manually in our works and we provide detailed reports when we complete each job. If you have any questions, please contact us on our contact page.

First, we scan all the files and folders on your website. Then we investigate the problems in the administration panel of your site. After fixing all the problems, we install the latest security plugins and deliver the work.

If your website is blacklisted on some virus scanning sites, we are applying for them. (subject to extra charge)

You can order a service from the pricing page. Based on your requirements, choose a suitable plan. After pre-approval, our teammates will contact you. Please be patient and provide complete information requested from you.

You can read our return policy page on this subject. Unfortunately, we do not refund fees, except in exceptional circumstances. This is because it is a digital business for what we do. Please don’t worry, we never let go of our work without making you happy. Your site is our site.