Monthly Archives: February 2020

Top Plugins for WordPress Malware Fix and Removal

WordPress is now one of the most popular and widespread content management platforms. It first started as a general blogging platform for the public, which had soon developed into the level of a sophisticated content management system. Now, there are millions of websites on internet which are powered by WordPress. As the popularity of WordPress […]

Ways to Remove Malware From your E-Commerce Website and Keep it Secured

While you think of the possibilities of a website getting infected by malware, what types of risks are coming into your mind? Is it just the porn sites or the pharmaceuticals sites which are usually bombarded with the pop-ups ads? Of course these could be malicious, but of course there is every possibility that your […]

How to Fix Malware from Your Computer

Malware or otherwise malicious software is any code which is meant to harm your machine and tamper its smooth performance. Not just aiming at a machine, malwares can run across internet to destruct websites, e-com stores, and also valuable data. There are various types of malwares like viruses, trojans, spyware, ransomware, and worms to name […]